Public Speaking

Convocation speech, North Carolina State University, 2013

Freshman convocation, North Carolina State University, 2013

I enjoy talking about the effects of technology on our culture, and have given speeches to associations, corporations, civic groups, executive boards, nonprofits, book clubs, and academic groups around the world. I have also been a guest scholar at a number of universities. Most of my public presentations focus on food production (esp. the Haber-Bosch process and how we’re going to feed our fast-growing population), medicine (the discovery of antibiotics and antipsychotics), and two-time Nobelist Linus Pauling.

My largest audience was a couple of thousand students at a convocation gathering.  The smallest was a reading in the tiny back room of an independent bookstore where my only audience member was an older man who wandered in looking for something else. When I asked him if he was there for the reading he said, “No.” Then he sat down anyway. We had a nice conversation.

Media appearances include a pair of talks on C-Span’s “BookTV;” interviews on National Public Radio’s “Weekend Edition,” “Science Friday,” “Diane Rehm Show” and “Tech Nation;” and a part as a talking head on a PBS documentary on Linus Pauling.

Video clips of me speaking to various groups can be found here,  here, and here. Or listen to me on NPR here and here.

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