Well, This Is Nice

This is not me. It's Alan Alda, who, oddly enough, also won this award.

This is not me. It’s Alan Alda, who, oddly enough, also won this award for his work in science communication..

Just found out some very good news: the American Chemical Society has announced its 2017 national award winners, and I’m among them. They’re giving me the Grady-Stack Award for interpreting chemistry for the public, the organization’s highest communications prize.

I’m really happy for a couple of reasons. First, because some of the science writers I admire most in this world — like the talented and tireless Deborah Blum, nobelist/poet Roald Hoffman, the brilliant Isaac Asimov, the dean of all science journalists Victor Cohn, and the man who originally inspired me to enter this field, Boyce Rensberger — are among the past recipients. It’s an incredible honor to be ranked in their number.

And second, because this is a seal of approval from those I write about, the scientists whose labors and insights are explored in my books. It’s a mark that my writing is true to its subjects as well as its readers. And that gets to the heart of what we all try to do in this science writing game: To bring to life, as accurately and completely as possible, the excitement and drama of science, and its value to our society.

Like I said, I’m really happy about this.